To crop or not to crop..

It’s just dawned on me fairly recently that I should experiment more with cropping a larger image. I know it’s probably … More

Also ran…..

About 5 years ago I entered International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY) and immediately regretted it. I’d recently bought my first … More

Winter showers.

Bow Fiddle rock on the Moray coast in north east Scotland. The late afternoon sun lit up the rock as … More

Challenging conditions

A photo taken this January on the Aberdeenshire coast during the height of Storm Gertrude with wind gusts of 85mph. … More

My woodland.

Well, I call it my woodland but it isn’t actually mine!  I’m lucky enough to have about 40 acres of … More


Going through all my landscape photos, I’ve noticed that I only have a handful of colourful sunset images. I’m not … More

Wild is the wild.

Driving back to Uist from a day with my camera on Berneray in the Outer Hebrides this winter I saw an amazing sight. Rolling in … More